6 Surefire Ways to Get Married Early for Mangalik People

Nowadays people want to focus on their studies first instead of anything else. In our society, this is the most common problem that people face nowadays is the delay in marriage. For the reason, there can be numerous reasons that cause a delay in the marriage. One of the most common reasons for a delay in marriage is not finding the right and appropriate match. On the other hand, there is mangal dosh in people’s birth charts due to which they face delay in marriage and not able to get married at the right age.

Additionally, if there is a delay in the marriage of a child or if there are several obstacles that come in life then parents start worrying about them. As well as according to astrology is there is a mangal defect in the girl’s horoscope then the level of the anxiety increases. If someone has a mangalik dosha defect in the horoscope of a person then he has to face so many obstacles in his or her marriage.

How to Remove Mangalik Defects & Know the ways of Early Marriage

  • If the boy or girl is Manglik, then read the Chandika source every Tuesday to remove its defect. This will helps to remove the factors that are arising obstacles in a marriage.
  • Orbit the peepal tree 16 times on Saturday. And offer water to Peepal. This will remove the obstacle in marriage.
  • People suffering from Mangal Dosh should get their bedroom door painted red.
  • On Tuesday, offer vermilion to Hanuman Ji, who is suffering from Mangal Dosh. And light the lamp. It helps remove the obstacles in a marriage.
  • Whenever the mangled aggrieved parents leave the house for a relationship, eat a little jaggery and leave. Auspicious results will come from it.
  • Manglik boys should donate 1200 grams of gram dal and 1.5-liter milk to the temple for quick marriage. Do this by 16 Monday. Soon marriage will be formed.

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