5 July 2020: Third lunar eclipse of the year

This year there are four lunar eclipses and two solar eclipses. Two lunar eclipses have been held this year. This year’s third lunar eclipse takes place on Sunday, July 5, 2020. This lunar eclipse looks in Sagittarius. According to the Hindu calendar, on this day, the Sun will be in Gemini and the full moon date will remain. According to Indian astrology, two or more eclipses in a month are not considered auspicious.

Know how long is the Sutak period?

During the Sutak period, any kind of religious and auspicious work is prohibited. It is believed that the Sun and Moon become afflicted during the eclipse, but the Sutak period will not be valid in this lunar eclipse. This is because this eclipse is a shadow eclipse. Sutak period is not valid in this.

In which countries will this lunar eclipse be seen?

The lunar eclipse on July 5 will be seen in India, some places in South Asia, America, Europe and Australia. There is also a festival of Guru Poornima on this day.

Lunar Eclipse Time:

This eclipse will begin at 8:38 am on July 5. The duration of this lunar eclipse will be 2 hours 43 minutes and 24 seconds. For more information, you can talk to an astrologer.

What is a lunar eclipse?

Eclipse is a common astronomical event. One can understand the eclipse such that a ‘lunar eclipse’ occurs when the Earth comes between the Moon and the Sun. The lunar eclipse always falls on the full moon day. The fourth sub shadow lunar eclipse will take place on 29 November.

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