4 Vastu Shastra Tips Everyone Should Know

Vastu Shastra plays a very important role in our life. It helps to bring prosperity and happiness. Therefore Vastu is so reasonable based on analytical science but no assumptions. Vastu Shastra is an act that works upon a given space and allows positive energy to flow. One of the best parts of Vastu Shastra that guidelines are easy and simple to follow. Consequently, flexibility allows almost all the constructions to apply the Vastu principles. Additionally, the Vastu extracts energy from all the five basic elements of nature, for instance, they are the solar energy means sun, the lunar energy means moon, earth’s magnetic energy means earth and fire energy means fire. Therefore the balance of all the elements bring the nature prosperity in the life of a person

Get the 4 best Vastu tips:

For survival, man needs three essential things: food, air, and shelter. At the time of the shelter, you need to take care of some of the things according to the Vastu Shastra which is as follows.

  1. Bedroom

The bedroom is the only place where you can able to relax and forget all the worries and it gives a break from the stress. This is the room that enables you to have a sound sleep and helps to rejuvenate you for the next day. According to a survey it was recorded that nearly 1/3rd of the life goes in the sleeping but on the other hand if the bedroom is designed as per the Vastu Shastra principles then it will take care of this 1/3rd of the life. South West or the South is the ideal place to have the bedroom because it also applies to the master bedroom. As well as the entrance should be located in the north or east but not in the southwest.

  1. Sleeping Direction

The head of the person should be in the south and legs should be towards the northern direction for a sound and a peaceful sleep. On the other hand, you should never ever place your head in the north direction as it may cause ill health, bad dreams, and insomnia. Additionally sleeping with your head towards the east direction is the most effective quadrant, particularly for the students because this is the place where all the positive energy is stored. For the reason, students get up early in the morning and can turn to the right side and get the energy of the sun. This is the way by which you can able to start your day with positive energy and never face issues in education and jobs.

  1. Prayer Room

A bedroom is the most significant place in the house and after its prayer room. When you place the pictures of your deities it should be on the eastern side only. As well as keep in mind that never place pictures of the deceased person with the deities but on the outside of the altar. When you are building your prayer room, then do not build it under the staircase because it is not considered auspicious. If you have space under the staircase then you can use it for the storage. The pictures of the deities should be placed on the east that the ward can pray to face the east.

  1. Tulsi Plant

If you have tulsi at home then it is so auspicious in front of the house. It helps towards all the negative influences from your house. Thus the tulsi plant should be located in front of the house to the main entrance and the ideal place is east.

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