Get Success in Business by using Astrology Tips

Get Success in Business by using Astrology Tips

Get Success in Business by Astrology Tips:  Vedic astrology is a very precious gift by god to the human beings. Vedic astrology has the answer of a human being every problem. It not only gives solution for love, family, and social problems even it helps people to resolve the business problems also and helps to achieve a higher success in business.

If you are a businessman then getting profit in business is definitely your first priority. But do you think so that getting success in that much easier? No, it’s very difficult to achieve, there are lots of factors matter behind to achieve success like efforts, hard work, willpower, and most important Destiny. If someone have bad luck than no matter how much hard work he will do, he only gets failure only. But by using of astrology a person can easily boost up his destiny and can earn lots of profit in business.

Get Success in Business by Astrology Tips online

So here are few astrological tips to get success in business.

  1. On each Saturday hang 1 lemon with 7 green chilies and with a coal on the main entrance gate of office.
  2. On every Amavasya give dhuni of Rai at your business place.
  3.  Scatter a fistful of pepper and black gram at the workplace on any Sunday.
  4. Take a peepal leaf and worship it with an incense stick and keep it below where you sit, DO it consecutive 7 Saturday. When 7 leafs are collected then flow it in any river.
  5. Take 11 Abhimantrit Gomti chakra and keep them in red cloth at a place where you keep money in your office.
  6. You should fix Siddha Vyapar virddhi Yantra on your business place.

Try any of these above-given remedies and see how effectively you business will start to grow and productivity and profit will star to get an increase.


ये भी जरूर पढ़ें :

फेसबुक पेज को लाइक जरूर करे –  Astroyatra

How to Rebuild a broken relationship

How to Rebuild a broken relationship

To make a prefect and long lasting relation people should take an extra love, care, and affection to their partner and help them to achieve their desire goal and dreams and try to make partner happy.  But as we know that all people are not able to take a care and love to their partner cause of some issues. And all relation has problems and every people take their problems on different-different ways.  So most of people able to resolve their issues and conflict cause of good mutual understanding but a few of people unable to resolve their issues and result of all this is conflict and crisis in relation.

How to Rebuild a broken relationship by Astrology

Well, no one don’t want to make their relation perfect and happier? Of courage all wants. On one create issues deliberate in their relation and get separated with their partner, and cause of separation and broken of relation is that couple get fed-up and bother from daily disputes, every people have limit of tolerance  and when issues occur out of tolerance then people decided to out of relation. Because separation is better than daily disputes, it’s a main cause of separation, that’s why there are still lots of people searching solution of that how to rebuild a broken relationship? If you are also going through this situation then you are come at right place.

To make a relation prefect and happier one is the best way is love.  Love is thing this make a bridge between people who are separated from their partner. Because all people want love in their life and expect from their partner that he/she loved me a lots but cause of busy schedules and something else, people can’t find a time for their partner and cause of that miscommunication and doubts occur and this lead issues in a relation.

If you are going through this situation and seeking solution of that how to rebuild a broken relation then you should have to find out that what is actual cause of your broken relation, if you seem that sake of you, your relation is broken and you don’t ever realize about that then now you should apologize for your mistake whatever you done in your relation and cause of that mistake your relation is come at this stage. If you seem that you are unable to get succeed to rebuild a relation then just consult with an astrology specialist. Our astrologer has a vast of astrological knowledge to rescole all kind of relation and mends a relation.  They will help you to make your partner in love with you so; he/she will come back in your life and rebuild a relation with you once again.

ये भी जरूर पढ़ें :

फेसबुक पेज को लाइक जरूर करे –  Astroyatra



How to Win Love Back After Break Up

Break up is one of the typical situation for any relationship and when it once happens in relationship then getting back the relationship is not an easiest thing for the couple because when break up had in between them then lot’s of unwanted and Unexpected thing happens in between them, but still some people are there who wants to know that how to win love back after break up? Are you also the one who wants to know about this thing then you should make consult to our astrologer and can get the solution of your this problem. If you try to figure out the solution by the normal then it becomes harder for you to search out, so this is the reason for figuring out the solution you need a help of some additional powers and these extra powers you can get with the help of astrology only. Astrology has lots of tactics which are powered enough to sort out your problem with the help of our astrologer you can easily choose the best one among of them and can easily get your loved one back in the relationship.

Love Astrology for bringing back your girlfriend back

Are you the guy who had lost your girlfriend cause of your mistake and now you had realize your mistake and reason of that you want to get back in the relationship then it’s not an easiest thing because it’s a nature of girl that once they love then they love too much without any selfishness but once if she starts hating you then no matter how much you try to convince her, your all attempts will get fails to reason of that we suggest you use Love Astrology for bringing back your girlfriend back. By the help of love astrology, you can easily make solve your problems.


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Manglik Dosha Nivaran Through Kumbh Vivah

India could be a country that believes in religious power most. Religious power is that the prime of everything and each downside have the religious answer. In Hindu non secular, several doshas square measure impact the human life. Manglik dosha is one among the foremost unfavorable dosha that have an effect on the lifetime of that specific person and different who around to them. Several religious solutions square measure in star divination to stay safe from the unhealthy impact of those doshas. Kumbh vivah is additionally one among the religious solutions for those who having manglik dosha in their kundli or birth chart.

Kumbh vivah essentially combination of 2 Hindu words that square measure ‘Kumbh’ means that pot and ‘vivah’ means that marriage or wedding.

When an individual, despite that the person is lady or boy, having manglik dosha in his kundli or horoscope. Then kumbh vivah is that the method to marry with a pot for take away the unhealthy impact from their when wedding life and it shows actuality color when they got marry.

Manglik dosha have many varieties impact of the person and his partner’s life, like in anshik manglik dosha they need to be face major health problems, delivery problems with baby, dispute in between the bride and groom and within the major manglik dosha may well be happen like serious relationship problems, death of husband, major accident, death of better half, major illness etc.

Kumbh vivah is simply sort of a standard wedding of the fellows that have manglik dosha. All rituals got to be performing ordinarily like different wedding for example; kanya daan, phere with the pot and additionally intonation the wedding mantras during this marriage. Subsequently lady should modification the dress and takes away all threads and flow the pot in watercourse while not holding anyone is aware of. When this ritual done that lady is going to be unleashing out of the manglik dosha and may marry with different guy.

Mythology is during this kumbh vivah that Pot is here taking part in the role of initial husband of that lady that having manglik dosha in her kundli, thus all unhealthy result square measure flow with the pot in watercourse. Manglik dosha is never effect currently their married life when they did the kumbh vivah.


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Ways to Make Love Relationship Long Lasting Healthier

Every couple wants to make a love relationship healthier but not all can accomplish that dreams, sake of having ups and downs in a relationship. But you can make your relation as you want through the ways to make love relationship long lasting healthier.  Often, the relationship gets downstream sake of deficiency of communication and misconception. You might undergo through issues just because of that, you ought to keep open communication and integrity with your partner.  Gradually all thing will go with lots of joy and affection. But if you ever seem that, something still going wrong and you are not able to make all things apparent, nevertheless, you don’t need to worries, because here is Love astrology specialist.  They have knowledge of much astrological tactic thought that they can easily resolve all issues and make all things perfect as you want. So make a consult with them so that they can provide you apt remedies to keep all things as you want.

Way to sustain harmony alive in a relationship

Over a time of a relationship, initially fun, eager and harmony get faded cause of having busy schedules of couples and lack of times, that all thing bring misconception and suspect in a relation and lead out happiness and harmony.  If you ever seem that something is going wrong with you sake of that harmony and affection faded from your relationship then here is a way to sustain harmony alive in a relationship. Apparent everything from your spouse, and don’t impose your needs on your partner, strive to make your partner happy. That are the thing which will make your help, but if you think, nothing is going right then you need to take help of Astrology specialist, they will suggest you apt remedies by which everything will work well along with harmony part will rekindle in your relation back.

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Love marriage problem
Love Marriage Solution
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Love Marriage Specialist Astrologer In Pune

Astrology Remedies to Survive a Loveless Marriage

As we all know love and faith are backbones of a marriage relationship, once it faded then no one can survive a marriage along with its also fact that overtime of marriage,  love and affection part is affected, so to keep this thing in a mind astrologer suggest the best astrology remedies survive a loveless marriage. if your marriage is going with lots of love and joy then it’s too much good but if you ever feel that love is going to end from your marriage then you can take help of astrology remedies, which is best ever remedies to get overcome all problems no matter, why love is faded and what thing went wrong in your marriage.  Whenever you will take help of remedies, you will see a miracle that your marriage is going smoothly and love and affection is rekindled in your marriage, which you ever not imagine in your life, so take help of them and enjoy your lovely life with lots of joy and happiness.

How to make husband again fall in love with you

How to make husband again fall in love with you this question is the most searched because the almost woman has this question in their mind, as time passes of marriage, often husband stop to share  their thoughts and stop to pay attention to them, that the reason love and affection is faded. If you are such a lady whose husband gets out of, whatever a reason of that either lack of time and unfaith or having external affairs if you want to make him again in love with you then you need to make a consult with best astrology specialist. They will suggest you remedy because of that your husband again fall in love with you along with your marriage will work optimally.



Importance of Adhik Maas in Hindu Religion

What is Adhik Mass:-

Adhik Maas mean extra month or additional month within the lunisolar calendar is additionally referred to as Purushottam mass. Once it occurs in year than year have thirteen month rather than twelve month this further month is understood by numerous names: Adhik Maas, Mal Maas, Purushottam Maas, and Malimmacha. Indians follow 2 style of calendars is i.e. lunar and also the solar. A lunar month (Hindu) is on the average 29.5 days amount and also the month, is 30 or 31 days.

The satellite calendar year consists of 354 star days and astronomical year consists of twelve months, 6 minutes. Hence there’s a difference of eleven days between the satellite and astronomical year.

So in 3 years time this difference becomes regarding one month amount. So to match the 2 calendars, an additional month is extra. This is often the thirteenth month of the calendar, called ‘Adhik Maas’.

The Adhik Maas is extra once the Amavasya and also the surya Sankranti coincide.

What is to do throughout Adhik Maas:-

According to the Hindu scriptures, the subsequent things or activities have to to be done:

Vrat -According to the Bhavishyottar puran, the Lord Krishna Himself is that the Phal Daataa, Bhokta and Adhishthaata. Thus Adhik Maas Vrat produces positive results.

The reading of Holy Scriptures – throughout the Adhik Maas the reading or being attentive to the Holy Scriptures is taken into account terribly fruitful.

Daan or punya - in keeping with the Devi Bhagvat, the Daan -Punya no matter is completed throughout Adhik Maas, brings smart results to the one whom.

Other things – Anushthan for obtaining prevent too serious diseases, donations throughout eclipse etc. Parikrama of Govardhan giriraj, Bhajan, Keertan, giving food to Sadhoos, Saints or Brahamans etc.

It is written within the Bhavishyottar Sanskrit literature that Sri Krishna Himself has aforesaid relating to Adhik Maas Vrat that by finishing up the Vrat with the only aim of worshiping God, through fast, cleanliness, charity, puja etc. deserves are no inheritable that turn out unfailing results and every one forms of calamities are overcome.


How Can I Convince My Girl Friend for Marriage?

DO you wants to know that How Can I Convince my Girl Friend for Marriage? Then we can help you to know the solution of this question. When a couple get to fall in love with each other than their first and last wish is to get marry with each other and spend a happy married life but is really easy to get love marriage? And especially when your partner is not getting ready for it? Many of the guys are going through this situation where they have a complaint that their girlfriend is not getting ready for marriage and the reason behind that Is he parents. Girls are the creature who are too much sensitive and emotional and especially when the things come in between her parents and her love she always goes with her parents because she knows that without family she is nothing. It’s not mean that she don’t love you, she loves you more than herself and not more than her family. So in that critical situation, you can consult with us and can get the solution of your problem from us and by using that solution you can easily make agree your girlfriend for marriage.

How to Convince Parents for Love Marriage

If you are a couple who belongs to Indian society then it really very-very typical for you to convenience your parents for love marriage because in Indian society love marriage is not accepted by the people and society also and cause of that many of love couple get separate. If you are the couple who don’t want to get separate and wants to live happy married life with each other then it’s true that you will defiantly want to know the answer to this Question that How to Convince Parents for Love Marriage?  So you are at right by consulting us you can get the solution of your this problem and by that you can make agree your parents for your love marriage decision.



मनो कामना पूर्ति के लिए धनतेरस पर खरीदे ये चीज़े घर आएगी सुख समृद्धि

दिवाली एक ऐसा त्यौहार है जब लोग घर पर नई नई चीज़े लाते है घर को सजाने के लिए, शगुन के लिए लेकिन इस बारे में आपको पता होना चाहिए

धनतेरस को बहुत ही शुभ दिन माना जाता है. ऐसी मान्यता है कि इस दिन खरीदारी करना शुभ होता है और घर में शुभता लेकर आता है. इस दिन खरीदारी करने से मां लक्ष्मी और धन के देवता कुबेर प्रसन्न होते हैं और धन सम्पति  प्राप्ति का वरदान देते हैं.

इस बार धनतेरस 17 अक्टूबर को है. वैसे तो कहते हैं कि धनतेरस का दिन इतना शुभ होता है व्यक्ति  पूरे दिन में कभी भी खरीदारी करे तो वह अच्छा ही होगा. हर धनतेरस पर खरीदारी करने का शुभ समय होता है, जिसमें खरीदारी करने पर ज्यादा फल की प्राप्ति होती है.

किस तरह की मनोकामना की पूर्ति के लिए क्या खरीदें…

धनतेरस के दिन अपनी अलग-अलग इच्छा की पूर्ति के लिए ही चीजें खरीदें…

आर्थिक लाभ के लिए : अगर आप आर्थ‍िक लाभ प्राप्त करना चाहते हैं तो धनतेरस के दिन पानी का बर्तन खरीदें.

कारोबार में विस्तार और उन्नति के लिए : धातु का दीपक खरीदना अच्छा होगा.

संतान सम्बन्धी समस्या के लिए : थाली या कटोरी

स्वास्थ्य और आयु के लिए : धातु की घंटी खरीदे

घर में सुख शांति और प्रेम के लिए : खाना पकाने का बर्तन

धनतेरस पर पूजा का मुहूर्त और खरीदारी का मुहूर्त क्या होगा

धनतेरस के दिन शाम 07.30 से 09.00 के बीच में खरीदारी करने का शुभ समय है. पूजा का शुभ समय भी यही है. इसलिए इसी समय में पूजा उपासना भी करें.

इस समय ना करें खरीदारी :

धनतेरस के दिन अगर आप पूरे दिन खरीदारी करने की सोच रहे हैं तो अपना इरादा बदल दें. क्योंकि, सायं 03.00 से 04.30 के बीच पूजन और खरीदारी का शुभ मुहूर्त नहीं है. इस बीच खरीदारी या पूजन ना करें. ऐसा करना अशुभ होगा.

इन मन्त्रों का करें जाप… 

- ॐ ह्रीं कुबेराय नमः

- ‘यक्षाय कुबेराय वैश्रवणाय धन-धान्य अधिपतये धन-धान्य समृद्धि मे देहि दापय स्वाहा’

Astrology Remedies to Bring Lost Love Back In Relationship

Astrology Remedies to Bring Lost Love Back In Relationship

Lost love over a time of relation, it doesn’t means that, couple are not excited to spend time with spouse or they can’t want to spend times with spouse for long times, of course, they do, In fact,  they have felt but over times they settle down in the environment and around the people, consequence love get faded.  Here are astrology remedies to bring lost love back in a relationship which is provided by our best astrology specialist to keep this thing in mind.  You might find yourself in this situation, well, you are not the only one, and there are lots of the couples who are going through such complicated situation which isn’t easy to deal.  If you indeed want to get lost love back in a relation which is faded cause of having a deficiency of times and lack of communication then at once you need to make a consult with astrology specialist.  They will suggest you appropriate remedies by which love and affection will rekindle in your relation and your relation work as you visualize.

Astrology remedies to reconcile a relation

Once time passes in a relation, often harmony and affection glassy in a relation and consequence of this couple get separated to each other.  Although, some of the couples can survive their relation from unwanted issues and make quality time together. This is the reason, their relation work of overtimes. But you know all people aren’t same this is the reason affection and harmony get fizzle out and couple thing that survives relation is useless, for that reason, they get out. Well, you indeed want to get back together then here is Astrology remedies to reconcile a relation, our best astrologer will suggest you that by which all issues will disappear from your relation and gradually you both will come back together forever and spend lovely times as before.


परीक्षा और इंटरव्यू में फटाफट सफलता के लिए करें 

परीक्षा और इंटरव्यू में फटाफट सफलता के लिए करें 

हर विद्यार्थी वर्ष भर अपनी पढ़ाई में कठिन परिश्रम करता है ताकि परीक्षा में अपना सर्वश्रेष्ठ प्रदर्शन कर सके, वैसे ही प्रतियोगिता परीक्षा देने वाले  विद्यार्थी भी पढ़ाई के लिए  रात  दिन एक करते है। अपने भाग्य और कड़ी मेहनत के बल पर ही कोई भी विद्यार्थी परीक्षा में श्रेष्ठ अंकों में उत्तीर्ण हो सकता है।  लेकिन कई बार भाग्य की बाधा  के कारण कठिन परिश्रम करने के बाद भी कई विद्यार्थी को उचित परिणाम नहीं मिल  पता है। इस कारण निराश हो जाते है और कई  विद्यार्थी आत्महत्या कर लेते है।   अगर आप भी परेशान  है और कड़ी मेहनत के  बावजूद भी आपको सफलता नहीं मिल रही है तो यहां पर अचूक उपाय बताये गए है।  जिसकी मदद से आप आसानी से परीक्षा में अच्छा प्रदर्शन कर सकते हो।

ब्राम्ही का सेवन करने वाले विद्यार्थी परीक्षा में सफल होते हैं।

विद्यार्थियों को परीक्षा में उत्तर भूल जाने की आदत हो, तो  परीक्षा में अपने पास कपूर और फिटकरी रखनी चाहिए। यह नकारात्मक ऊर्जा को हटाते हैं।

भगवान गणेश को हर बुधवार के दिन दूर्वा चढ़ाने से  विद्यार्थियों में कुशाग्र बुद्धि विकसित होती है।

परीक्षा में जाने से पूर्व मीठे दही पर तुलसी के पत्ते रखकर ग्रहण करके घर से निकलें।

कठिन विषय की पाठ्य  पुस्तकों में गुरुवार के दिन मोरपंख रखें।

विद्यार्थियों को पठाई करते समय अपना मुंह पूर्व या उत्तर की ओर रखना चाहिए।

नवरात्रि में घर ले आये इनमे से कोई एक चीज किस्मत बदल देगी माता रानी

नवरात्रि में घर ले आये इनमे से कोई एक चीज किस्मत बदल देगी माता रानी

नवरात्रि में माँ की पूजा अर्चना  का विशेष माना जाता है। अगर नवरात्रि में कोई विशि विधान से माँ की पूजा अर्चना करे तो उसकी हर मनोकामना पूरी होती है।  वास्तु शास्त्रों के अनुसार कुछ ऐसी वास्तु बताई गयी है जिनका खास संबंध किसी विशेष देवी-देवता या दिन से माना जाता है। वास्तु के अनुसार, अगर  नवरात्र के दौरान घर में वास्तु लाई जाएं तो देवी प्रसन्न होती हैं और घर-परिवार पर देवी की विशेष कृपा बनी रहती है।

आईये जानते है उन वस्तु के बारे में।

देवी लक्ष्मी की तस्वीर :- देवी लक्ष्मी  की तस्वीर घर ले आये। जिसमे माँ कमल के फूल पर विराजमान हो।  इससे माँ लक्ष्मी और दुर्गा का आशीर्वाद प्राप्त होगा।

मोर पंख :-  मोर पंख को माँ सरस्वती का  वाहन माना गया है।  मोर पंख को नवरात्रि के दौरान घर ले आये और उसे घर के मंदिर में रख दे।  इससे माँ की कृपा  होगी और घर में सुख शांति आएगी।

सोलह श्रृंगार का सामान :-  माँ को सोलह श्रृंगार चढाने से माँ की कृपा होती है।   नवरात्रि में  सोलह श्रृंगार ले आये और माँ दुर्गा को चढ़ाये। इससे माँ का आशीर्वाद मिलेगा और मनोकामना पूर्ण होगी।

नवरात्रि के दौरान घर में चांदी और सोने का सिक्का लाना अच्छा माना जाता है।  इससे माँ लक्ष्मी और नौ  देवियों का आशीर्वाद आपको प्राप्त होगा।