Business Tips

Some time tested easy remedies carry nice potential to figure completely to realize bound results. It’s essential that whereas playing the remedy you want to have full religion in your mind. Even somewhat doubt on its effectuality could nullify the positive results

For Increase in Sales
Take a full Beetle nut (supari) and a copper coin in your hand on the evening of Deepawali day and place these below a fig tree. On the subsequent Sunday pluck a leaf from a similar tree and place it below the cushion of your seat at your business, your sales can go up.

For a lot of turnover
On a Fri falling within the bright 0.5 part of any moon take seven cowries shells (Kodi) and apply on these a spot (tilak) of Chandan (sandalwood paste), Kesar (saffron) and Rouli (red powder made of turmeric and lime) and keep these within the money box of your look. Your turnover can go up.

For beginning another Industrial unit
If you have already got associate degree business (of associate degreey product) and want to begin another unit(of any product) then on a Sat or Deepawali even in g take a chunk of iron or an iron object from your existing unit and place it within the premises for brand new unit. this can guarantee an honest begin and prosperous business.

For enhanced Profit and removing obstacles in business
Before departure for work worship Lord Ganpati at your home by giving Laddoo as prasaad, so proceed to your work place.

For enlargement of Business
On a Deepawali evening combine natural resin and rauli (red powder made of turmeric and lime) and burn it. Keep the remaining ashes within the money box or tijori, your business can expand and prosper.

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