Vastu Consultancy

Vastu is a legitimate clarification of logical truths and realities. The Vastu Principles are identified with the lands (Natural Energies) of our Mother Earth. . It basically says that the wellsprings of energies are to be open and the stream of energies is not to be aggravated. Vastu Shastra recommends alluring aspects for destinations and structures dependent upon stream of vigor ('Prana' in Sanskrit). Huge numbers of the tenets are traced to cosmological contemplations; the Sun's way, the turn of the Earth, attractive field, and so forth. The morning Sun is acknowledged particularly helpful and decontaminating and consequently the East is a cherished heading.

Vastu accepts that there are basically two sorts of strengths, which are equivalent and inverse in nature. The cooperation of these two strengths is grandiose appointed and produces a third sort of power, which is called 'Bio-Force' or 'Prana', required for life to exist. One sort of power is inconspicuous and fine. The different is dull and thick. We, for comprehension this subject, can call the first as "positive" and the different as 'negative'. "Prana" is freed by the cooperation of these strengths. Over the surface of the globe, these strengths ceaselessly connect, discharging bio-vigor. The point when a structure is assembled over the surface of the Earth, it comes in the method for a regular collaboration. Both the powers enter the structure where the connection proceeds. Then again, the power of strengths that enter the structure require not be the same. Contingent upon different considers like levels, water forms, entryway arrangement and so forth., either the positive or the negative can have stronger vicinity.

Provided that the structure is composed in a way that the positive strengths override the negative powers then there is a valuable arrival of bio-vigor, which helps all the convicts to be sound. Indeed, after such response with the negative strengths, a positive Cosmic surplus is dependably display in such a structure, which is the 'Supreme Being Himself'. In such a climate, life is smooth and content with everything in life nearing your direction without any extraordinary battle. It is an upbeat and sound life for all the occupants.

Provided that then again the structure is inherent such a path, to the point that the negative strengths override the positive then you have a frail bio-vigor field which shows as ailments in the tenants. The over bearing negative field makes your activities, endeavors, thinking negative with the goal that at last the entire life is demolished.

The study of Vastu aides you about the principles you need to take after with the intention that the structure has a positive climate.

By strictly taking after these Vastu Rules, Human Race can pick up very numerous profits and live calmly. In different statements, Vastu tenets educate the approaches to make structures and 'Living in Harmony with the Earth'.

Attractive Poles in our Body

Human form itself goes about as a magnet with the head, the heaviest and essential part of the figure, as the North Pole. In the event that the head is coordinated towards the North while slumbering, the North Pole of the Earth and that of the Human Body repulse one another influencing the blood course, bringing about aggravated doze, pressure and other associated issues.

It is overall built reality that apprehensive arrangement of the human figure corresponds with the assistance of electric motivations, in this way transforming electro-attractive field around the part of the form. Muscles additionally generate electrical potential. Exercises of human figure are fundamentally regulated by the electrical and concoction responses inside the form. Any development of charge, howsoever modest, will prepare electrical field around the bearing of development. Again any encompassing attractive field will, accordingly have an impact on the electrical exercises of parts of human figure. Accordingly, the whole Human figure is the net consequence of these little attractive fields disseminated inside the human form, which is proportionate to a magnet matching the extent of a human figure. The heaviest and significant part of the form (i.e. 'Head') carry on as North Pole on the grounds that "Head" is the most capable wellspring of electric and attractive fields in the life form and likewise that in the eye the attractive field actuation, is altogether higher than different parts of the figure. Rooms may as well hence, be outlined remembering this.

Wellspring of Energy

Vigor is basically acknowledged as exuding from the North-East corner and numerous site and building aspects are determined from this. Locales slanting down towards North or East from larger amounts of South and West are recognized great. Open spaces in site and openings in the building are to be more in the North and East than in the South and the West. No hindrances are to be available in the North and the East.

Levels and Heights

Levels and tallness of structures are to be higher in the South and West when contrasted with the North and East. The South-West corner is to be the most noteworthy, accompanied by South-East, then by North-West and at long last by North-East.

The triangle structured by joining the South-West, South-East and the North-West corner of the site is credited to the Moon and the triangle shaped by joining the North-East, North-West and South-East corner of the site is traced to the Sun.

The previous are recommended to be heavier and higher and the recent lighter and more level. Locales having a more drawn out East-West hub are recognized better. The inclining associating South-West and North-East is to be more extended than the cornerwise uniting South-East and North-West. An expanded North-East corner is recognized advantageous.

Vastu Shastra is based upon two critical experimental certainties:

  • Attractive Property of the Earth and the gravitational and attractive compels made by the materials inside the Earth.
  • 2. Revolution of the Earth on its pivot, and the radiating and different drives made by its developments.