Gemology Services

We are one of the most trusted names of the industry engaged in offering Gemology Services to the customers. Gems are known to be loaded with specific energies. Effect of the rays produced by precious stones can bring certain changes in the lives of the wearer. Red colored gems increase the will-power, blood flow and strengthen the soul. These services bring health, happiness and prosperity in the lives of our clients.

All pearls are associated with Planets in Astrology. Obviously Astrology supports that everything in this planet is joined with Planets at last. What is the connection between pearls and Planets? Every planet has a sort of vigor which is completely ingested in a specific jewel on the earth. Along these lines Sun's vigor is assimilated in Ruby, Moon's vigor is accessible in Pearl, Mars' is in Coral, Jupiter's is in Yellow Sapphire, Saturn's vigor is seen is Blue Sapphire, Mercury's is in Emerald, Venus' is in Diamond, Rahu's is in Hessonite and Kethu's is in Cat's eye.

The point when there are any inadequacies in the vigor levels of a Planet in a mere mortal, the identified issues concerned to that Planet will come about. So it is savvy to fill these lacking energies, by wearing diamonds. This is the track to accomplish health, delight.

Ruby: Ruby is usually accessible in dim red, and shines like morning sun. Wearing a Ruby ensures an individual from burdens of Sun, heart shortcoming, cerebral pains, general sick health, eye inconveniences, and circulatory strain and so on.

Pearl: It is in white color with a streak of maritime blue. Wearing a pearl ensures an individual from infections of lungs and stomach, water-conceived sicknesses, zealous issues, and imprudent choices.

Coral: A great coral will be red in shade. It is utilized to dispose of skin ailments, fevers, mishaps, premature births, smolders and hostility with others. Coral expansions reasonableness, briskness in doing the things and power.

Yellow Sapphire: It might be yellow or white in shade. Yellow is favored. It is utilized to get the grace of God, youngsters, training, and high position in work or business. It is utilized to get triumph in lawful issues, assimilation and liver issues.

Blue Sapphire: This is in dull blue or dark in color. Apprehensive issues, delays, genuine sick health, illnesses of teeth, ears, stiffness, maturing, issues in administration and business could be regulated by wearing a Blue Sapphire.

Emerald: This diamond is in green color, making the force of brainpower, vicinity of psyche, right choices ready to go, correspondence, theory, exploratory training. It could be worn to get away from franticness, stammering, and anxious issues.

Precious stone: This is an extremely valuable stone with splendid white color. Postpones in marriage, awful wedded life, infections of conceptive framework, absence of luxuries in life could be overcome by utilizing a precious stone. Hardness of precious stone: 10, Specific gravity: 3.52, Refractive record: 2.4175.

Hessonite: This is in nectar shade and dispenses with issues like cholera, loose bowels, pipedreams, and issues from insidiousness spirits.

Feline's eye: This is in white color with a roundabout band around in grass shade. It mitigates issues like loss of motion, sullied infections, contaminations, intestinal disarranges and increments religious nature in an individual.

Any jewel ought to be decontaminated and after that stacked with positive vibrations of concerned planet, by droning the significant Mantra throughout a time of time. At that point it ought to be worn in a ring to a suitable finger of right hand on a propitious day. However above all else take the assistance of an Astrologer to verify which pearl is suitable for you. Remember that in the event that you wear an inadmissible pearl, you are welcoming more issues.