Dosh Nivaran

As per the Vedic astrology, Doshas are flaws in the placements of planets in the horoscope of an individual that cause bad to malefic effects on an individual's life. The effects vary from the person to person due to positioning of any planet. There are nine doshas based on the nine astrological planets, like; Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Rahu and Ketu. Apart from these nine, there are four other doshas that affect the human lives, they are; Vastu dosha, Kaalsarp Dosha, Pitra Dosha and Chandal Dosha.

These doshas cause health problems, mental unrests, marital discords, and failures in life. These doshas can be pacified and their effect nullified by performing the Dosha Nivaran Pujas. These pujas bring back peace and harmony in life, and help us grow ahead on the path of success.

Shani Dosha (Saturn)

Saturn, also known as Shani, is known to be The Greater Malefic and is the most feared planet in astrology since primordial times as its main function is contraction, restriction and limitation. This planet is known to make things difficult for people

Mangal Dosha (Mars)

Mars, Mangal, or the Mangal Graha is the action planet and the planet of desire. Mars, the God of War, devises energy, action, and desire

Guru Dosha (Jupiter)

The ruler of all planets and Gods is Jupiter. Astrologically, the planet is also known as called The Greater Benefic in opposition to Saturn.

Budha Dosha (Mercury)

Mercury or Budha is the planet of day-to-day expression and communication. It is responsible for taking things apart and then putting them back together

Chandra Dosha (Moon)

The Moon in Vedic astrology is known as Chandra or Soma, which is named after the intoxicating sacred drink used in Vedic sacrifice

Surya Dosha (Sun)

Surya or Sun is the most important part of astrology, as it is the giver of life, and symbolizes our conscious mind

Rahu Dosha (Rahu)

Rahu is the cutoff head of an asura, who drank Amrit or the divine nectar by deceiving Lord Vishnu. He is said to swallow sun to cause the solar eclipse

Shukra Dosha (Venus)

Venus or Shukra Graha is known as the son of Sage Bhrigu, as per the Vedic mythology. He is the embodiment of love and is mostly benefic in nature


Kaalsarpyog is formed when all seven planets are come between Rahu and Ketu. A complete Kalsarp Yog is formed when exactly half the natal chart is unoccupied by planets

Pitra Dosh

The ninth house in the natal chart is the house of fortunes or the house of father and manes. A conjugation of Sun and Rahu in this house forms the Pitra Dosha or Pitru Dosh, which is known to remove auspiciousness from the house

Chandal Yog

Chandal Yog comes into one's life if Guru Planet comes in conjugation with either Rahu or Ketu in their natal chart

Vastu Dosha

Vastu is an absolute understanding of geography, topography, direction, environment and physics of architecture