Shwetark Ganpati


श्वेतार्क एक तरह का पौधा होता है जिसे सामान्य भाषा में सफ़ेद आक कहते है । जहाँ श्वेतार्क लगाया जाता है वहा किसी भी तरह की नकारात्मक ऊर्जा , चोर और शत्रुओ का आगमन नहीं हो सकता । गणेश चतुर्थी या प्रथम बुधवार को इसे घर में लाये और श्री गणेश अथर्व शीर्ष का पाठ करे । यह  बहुत प्रभावकारी  है ।

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Shwetark ganpati is very important from all the appearance of GANPATI. It is believed that where SHWETARK GANPAT is situated there any trouble cannot be entered. Shwetark is like a tree , in normal language it is called aak tree. White aak tree is considered very lucky but it cannot be used at your living place. Where shwetark tree is planted there any type of negative energy, theif, and enemy cannot be entered. You can situate shwetark ganpati on the occasion of ganesh chaturthi at your living place to worship, except it you can place it on first Wednesday., and start calling lesson of shree ganesh atharv sheersh   in the front of photo of  shwetark ganpati. Shwetark ganpati is helpful to avoid negative energy, bad evils and also helpful to escape from your enemy.

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