Haldi Mala


सामान्यतया हल्दी की माला का उपयोग बड़ी पूजा और अनुष्ठान को पूरा करने में किया  जाता है इसके  अलावा बगला मुखी देवी का जाप भी हल्दी माला के माध्यम से किया जाता है।  हल्दी माला किसी भी तरह की नकारात्मक ऊर्जा ,बुरी आत्माओ और शत्रुओ का विनाश  करने में पूर्णतया सहयोगी है।

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Haldi mala is used for chanting mantras of Bagala mukhi Devi. This turmeric mala is exclusively used to execute special prayer or anusthan. It is very helpful to destroy all types of negative energy, bad spirits and also keeps away the people who use this mala for chanting from their enemies. This mala is made of small pieces of turmeric knotted together in a thread having small holes in it. By using this mala for chanting human beings can bring success, prosperity, happiness, status in their life. Persons who wear haldi mala get married very soon with their desired person and all the difficulties of marriage in their life are removed by the effect of this rosary.