Dakshina Wrati Shankh


दक्षिणावर्ती  शंख  को  माता लक्ष्मी  के सबसे  प्रिय  आभूषण के  रूप  में  समझा  जाता  है जो  व्यक्ति  इस  शंख  को  अपने  घर  के  पूजा  स्थल पर  विराजमान  करता  हे  उस  पर  माता  लक्ष्मी  का  आशीर्वाद  हमेशा  बना  रहता  हे  !

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It is considered as very dearest ornament of mata lakshmi or in another manner it is believe that it is the appearance of mata lakshmi. So at which home at the place of worship this dakshinavarti shankh is situated , always blessed by mata lakshmi. So if you are suffering from financial problem then start the worship of dakshina varti shankh. It will help you to get the right approach in your business, get the job, marriage , and well release you from all the troubles of  your life. According to business view this type of shankh should be placed in your factory or working place so that you can release from all type of scarcity and financial problems, and will progress in your business.

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