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Fruit Astrology? Your favorite fruit reflects your personality... your inner self... your outer self...Take a look at the list and choose one. Find out more about yourself and your personality traits based on your favorite fruit. Are you fun, extravagant, impulsive, or independent, strong willed and sincere?

• APPLE If apple is your favorite fruit, you're associate extravagant, impulsive and outspoken person; usually with somewhat of a temper. Whereas you will not be the simplest organizer yourself, you create sensible an honest decent team leader; and square measure good at taking things forward. You’ll be able to take fast action in most things. You get pleasure from travel vastly. You ooze with charm after you square measure together with your partner. You have got associate enthusiasm for all times, unmatched by most.

• CHERRY If cherry is your favorite fruit, life is not as sweet for you. You regularly face ups and downs, notably professionally; and notice that you simply build tiny sums of cash, rather than a payment. You have got a fertile imagination and square measure usually concerned in inventive pursuits. You terribly a really a awfully sincere and dependable partner; however notice that expressing your feelings isn't very simple. Your house is your haven, and you like nothing over being enclosed by shut family and your loved one partner.

• MANGO A mango lover could be a temperament to be reckoned with; very often you're an individual World Health Organization has quite mounted ideas, and influencing you isn't any simple task. You tend to be associate extremist with sturdy likes and dislikes; and now and then even prefer to management a state of affairs. You get pleasure from obtaining concerned in one thing that presents mental challenge. Sturdy as you will be, you square measure you’re sort of a kitten after you are together with your partner. You accommodate the love of your life, and form up for all the sturdy can elsewhere!

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• BANANA You are a softie! Soft on, gentle, heat and sympathetic naturally is that the banana lover. You regularly lack in confidence and square measure quite timid naturally. Folks usually make the most of your sweet temperedness, and sheer vulnerability to a state of affairs. You like your partner in each that manner, each for his or her mental and physical beauty! As a result of the manner you're, your relationship is often, pretty much in harmony!


• PEACH Like a peach, you get pleasure from the juice of life. It all its lush ripeness! You’re the friendly kind, and square measure quite frank and outspoken, that adds to your charm. You’re fast to forgive and forget; and price your friendships extremely. You have got associate freelance and bold streak in you that cause you to a true whiz-kid. You’re the best lover, fiery and overzealous however sincere and devoted smitten. You do not but prefer to show all that zeal publically.

• PAPAYA You are really fearless and take a lot of that happens in life, in your stride. You provide respectable thought to belongings you do. You have got a way of humor that together with your generous nature keeps you in most people's sensible books. You a whiz-kid in your career, and have a endowment for being within the right place at the proper time. You get pleasure from meeting new folks and seeing new sights whenever you'll be able to. Your sense of humor is what attracts members of the alternative sex to you over the rest. It’s merely charming!

• ORANGE If orange is your favorite fruit; it speaks of an individual World Health Organization has enduring patience and self-command. you prefer to try and do things slowly; however terribly totally and square measure fully undaunted by exertions. You tend to be shy; however square measure a reliable and trustworthy friend. you have got associate aesthetic bent of mind. You choose your partner with care and thought; you like with all of your heart, and don't seem to be certain simply a fling. You avoid conflict in the least prices.

• PINEAPPLE You are fast to make a decision and even faster to act. You’re brave in creating career changes; if that's what's to your advantage. You have got exceptional organizing talents and square measure undaunted by the dimensions of the task at hand. You tend to be self sufficient, sincere and honest in your dealings with others. Though' you're not given to creating friends terribly quickly, however once you are doing, it's for all times. You rarely, if ever, build romantic overtures. Your partner is commonly affected together with your sterling qualities however frustrated in your ability to indicate heart.

• COCONUT The coconut lover could be a serious, terribly thoughtful and contemplative person. tho' you get pleasure from socializing, you're explicit regarding the corporate you retain. You tend to be stubborn however not essentially rash. Shrewd, adroit and alert, you make sure that you're right high of any given situation, particularly at work. You wish a partner with brains, and whereas passion is vital it actually is not everything for you.

• BLACK GRAPES You are a polite person normally; however do have fast flare-ups of temper that relax even as quickly. You get pleasure from beauty all told forms, as well as stunning folks. You’re very hip as a result of your heat, gregarious nature. You have got a zest for life; you get pleasure from everything you are doing, right from the manner you dress, to your vogue and élan in your everyday life. Your partner should share your zeal and zing for all times. To get pleasure from all you have got to offer!