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Vastu overcome the troubles and increases prosperity

To increase prosperity and wealth in home vastu has a great role. If you follow all the traditional rules of vastu then you may get chances to get success in tasks and additionally your views also become positive. If any task is done with positive views then you get a great kind of peace and your life become very responsive. To achieve all this it is necessary that you should keep mind on vastu rules.

In Sanskrit the meaning of vastu is the place where you can build a home. Vastu word is made from thing or vstu. The thing is that you can see with our eyes and you feel it is called vastu shastra. In halayudh kosh there is description about thing that saves you from natural disasters and troubles is called vastu. There is a great relation of vastu and astrology. According to vastu shastra by making some changes at home you can spend a happy life.

Everyone knows about four directions but there are four sub directions also ishan, agneya and nairtya and yaayvaya.

Directions and their lord
sun of east
goddess Durga of west
lord Vishnu of north
Pitra of south
Shiva is god of Ishan
fire of Agneya
air of vayavya   

Where is direction and how
in between north-east Ishaan
agneya in between east-south
nairtya in between south-west
vayvya in between west-north

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